Solar Star Party


What: Solar Observing
Where: Building 1, Main Cafeteria Patio
When: Tuesday, Sept. 18, noon to 1:00 pm

Come view the Sun, our very own star, with the APL Astronomy Club. Count sunspots, see faculae and plages and maybe granulation and spicules, and compare the view through different kinds of equipment.

Open to anyone on campus who is interested.

This event is canceled due to rain. (9/18, 9 am, Helen)

September Meeting

APL ACWhat: APL Astronomy Club monthly meeting
Where: Gibson Library room L-2
When: Wednesday, Sept. 19, noon to 1:00 pm

This month’s topics: “The Badlands Star Party” by club member Mark Kochte. Mark’s report will make us all green with envy! Also some club business and members’ observing reports.

Open to anyone with an interest in astronomy.

Other club events in the wind:
Tuesday, Sept. 18: Solar Observing, noon to 1 pm, building 1 cafeteria patio
Fall Star Party: maybe Oct. 19, Maybe Nov. 16…