About Us

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered “what is that bright star?”  Do you already know the stars but want to learn more?  Do you want to meet and talk with other observers?  If you’re still reading, the APL Astronomy Club is your place to be!  The club is made up of the very experienced to the very novice, the very technically-minded to the very non-technical, who all share a common interest in the night (and daytime) sky.

The club meets the third Wednesday of the month, noon to 1:00 pm, usually in Building 200 – W202.  See the Events page for upcoming meetings and other club activities.    Meetings are open to anyone with an interest in astronomy.  To join the club’s email list, go to the Contact Us tab and send a request to the Club Officers.

Full members have the privilege and responsibility of using the club’s equipment, supporting star parties, and making the club a functioning body, for which they pay annual dues of $25.  To ask about joining, go to the Contact Us tab and send an email to the Club Officers.

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