Venus Transit Party

2004 Transit of Venus; APOD 2004, June 9; Credit & Copyright: Jimmy Westlake (Colorado Mountain College)What: Venus Transit Party, talk and viewing
Where: Bldg 200 lobby
When: Tuesday, June 5, 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
The weather will be OK for viewing (50-60% cloud cover) (June 5, 2 pm EDT; this is the final weather update).

The APL Astronomy Club and the APL Space Department are hosting a Venus Transit Party on Tuesday, June 5th. APLers and their friends and families are invited. All activities are in public areas of the lab. Club members will have several telescopes out for your viewing pleasure, including 2 H-alpha ‘scopes and several large ‘scopes with white light filters.

Bring a picnic supper and join us to witness this historic celestial event! (Can’t join us at APL? Check this page for other viewing options in the area. Have to stay home? Try watching one of the simulcasts listed here (or click on the Resources link in the menu bar above).)

4:30 pm in the building 200 lobby: Light refreshments available.

Bldg 200 Parking5 pm in Conference Room 200-E100: The Transit of Venus presented by club member Ron Farris. The talk will address the history and science of Venus transit observations, observing safety, and what to expect during the June 5th transit.

6 pm – 8:30 pm, SW corner of building 200 parking lot: Observe the transit with the club’s special solar equipment. Outside observing will be canceled if the sky is too cloudy. Observing will be located in the South West corner of the building 200 parking lot, which has the lowest North West horizon. Telescope set up starts at 4 pm. Transit begins at 6:05 pm EDT. Sunset is about 8:30 pm. If you own a ‘scope with a solar filter, bring it along and join us! (The club reserves the right to approve the safety of your set up.)

6 pm – 9 pm in the building 200 lobby and E100: Simulcasts of the transit from other observatories.

More information on the Venus Transit and Safe Solar Observing:
Transit of Venus dot org: apps, history, education, stuff to buy, etc. etc. etc.
Transits of Venus (Wiki)
2012 Transit of Venus (Wiki)
How to safely observe the sun.
What makes a safe solar filter?

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