Meeting Feb. 20 2013

APL ACWhat: APL Astronomy Club monthly meeting
Where: Gibson Library room L-2
When: Wednesday, Feb. 20, noon to 1:00 pm
This month’s topic: Ron Farris is bringing in the new OTA and mount for the Calcium-K solar telescope. Also club business and members’ observing reports.

Open to anyone with an interest in astronomy.

Other club events coming soon:
March 9: Dark Sky Star Party (members only)
March 20: monthly meeting; no speaker yet.
April 19: Friends & Family Star Party, south of Bldg 200.


One thought on “Meeting Feb. 20 2013”

  1. Helen led us through the usual charts covering both APL AC events and external star parties. Steve went over the upcoming 9 March 2013 star party at his house. Helen went over the budget, showing that all the 2013 items had been purchased, and most are in house.

    Ron reviewed the new equipment received, and the basics on how to use them. Included were the Lunt Ca telescope (less filter at this time), the Meade mounts, and the Orion solar system imagers. There was a fair discussion about the use of imagers, with Dave T, Ron, and Steve. It was suggested that for the next star party at APL we set-up and use some of the imagers.


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