Fall 2019 Friends and Family Star Party

You’re invited to the APL Astronomy Club Fall Star Party!

When: Friday, October 4th, 2019

Time:Telescope setup activities will start around 7:30pm. Feel free to come along that early if you want to learn about the process. Once its dark enough to align the telescopes then the stargazing kicks in and lasts at least until 11PM. Several types of telescopes will be set up, feel free to bring your own or even a pair of binoculars.

The weather forecast is for clear skies. What to see? Well, both Jupiter and Saturn will be up and visible, with the Saturnian rings being very evident and the Galilean Moons of Jupiter viewable, too (and if you stick around for an hour or two you’ll be able to see them shift in their orbits). The Moon will be at first quarter phase and show some nice shadowed mountains and craters along the day/night terminator, and there are a host of nebulae, star clusters, double stars, and even a galaxy or two to view.

Location: The grass plateau adjacent to the 60-foot satellite antenna, outside the security perimeter.