By Laws, Aug. 2008






Section 1

The name of the organization will be the Applied Physics Laboratory Astronomy Club, herein referred to as the AAC. The organization is chartered to enable APL employees to participate in Astronomy activities through the workplace, thus fostering connections across the lab and adding a personal dimension to APL’s diverse space projects.


The APL Astronomy Club will provide APL employees the opportunity to collaborate on and experience the fun and challenge of amateur astronomy; these activities will improve APL staff communication and company loyalty.  The Astronomy Club’s activities include club meetings, group observing events, and the maintenance and use of the Club’s observing equipment.


Section 2

The Astronomy Club is a voluntary membership body, organized to conduct the following activities:


1.  Provide a resource for staff members who want an introduction to Astronomy, including observing equipment, reference materials and the expertise of the membership.

2. Conduct observing events (star parties) at the lab for the benefit of the members, APL staff and their families and friends.

3. Instruct members in the operation of the equipment, so as to make them capable amateur astronomers.

4. Provide an educational resource to the local school systems, in coordination with the public affairs office.

5. Provide astronomy expertise and the loan of optical equipment to APL programs that have a short-term need for this hardware.


Section 3

The AAC shall be governed in accordance with Article III below. The AAC Officers may create ad-hoc committees.






Section 1

Membership is open to all APL employees and others with a relationship to APL as described in APL Policy Library document 026-0001, “Recreational Club, Establishment of an APL”. The three classes of member shall be Full, Associate, and Other, as described in 026-0001.   Full and associate membership confers the right to (1) vote in elections and other club business; (2) borrow club equipment and reference materials; (3) act as an Officer or other club official (except the President must be a Full member, see Article III Section 3).




Section 2

Annual membership dues of $25 will be assessed of all members, due in January of that year. Dues will be determined by the Club Officers, and approved by majority vote of the membership.  Dues may be changed when determined necessary by the Club Officers and approved by majority vote of the membership. The bylaws will then be amended to reflect the change in dues.  Membership shall run one year from January to January. Dues may be prorated approximately monthly for new members joining after January.  Any member with dues in arrears shall lose the rights of membership, as determined and enforced by the Club Officers.


Section 3

All members of the ACC shall conduct themselves in a professional manner during all club events, whether inside or outside APL facilities.  During activities, members shall adhere to the APL Standards of Ethics and Conduct.   Members violating this policy may lose their membership as determined by Club Officers.





Section 1

The permanent officers of the AAC will be the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Additional officers may be appointed by a majority of the permanent officers.  The officers will also perform functions related to administrative and functional operation of the club or can appoint members to serve temporary or permanent positions in these areas, such as facility manager or equipment manager.


Section 2

Elections for the next term will be held in June of the year. Each member in good standing at the time of the general election will be allotted one vote for each vacant office.  Voting will be conducted by email, with a minimum of 1 week allowed from the time the election email is sent out, until voting closes.  Vote shall be tabulated by the current officers and results reported out to the membership.


Section 3

All AAC members in good standing who are Full or Associate members are eligible for any office, excepting President.  The President shall be a Full member. Terms shall be for one year, beginning on July 1 of each year.  There is no prohibition against serving consecutive terms for any office, except President.  The President may serve no more than two consecutive terms, but may become President again after being out of office a minimum of one term.  The Club encourages periodic changes in leadership to promote the long-term health of the AAC.


Section 4

The Club Officers will accept nominations for each vacant office, in person or via email.  Following nominations, the election shall be held in accordance with Section 2 of this Article.


Section 5

In the event an unanticipated vacancy for an officer’s position occurs, the remaining officer(s) will appoint an interim replacement until a special election can be held. The special election will be held within one month of the vacancy occurrence.



Section 6

The duties and responsibilities of the officers are as follows:



  • Schedule and lead meetings. The officers shall meet at least twice a year.
  • Delegate responsibility for administrative functions to permanent officers, additional officers and members.
  • Establish AAC mission, vision and strategy for implementation.


Vice President

  • Fulfill President’s duties in his/her absence or as delegated.
  • Coordinate communications with Lab Management and Club Members.
  • Ensure waivers are obtained as necessary.



  • Record meeting minutes
  • Prepare Club communications
  • Ensure web site is current
  • Ensure club is operated safely in accordance with applicable procedures



  • Coordinate as required with the APL Recreation Office and APL Finance / Accounting to ensure that all financial matters are effectively managed
  • Manage the Club budget and collection of member dues
  • Provide annually an accounting of income and expenditures


Equipment Manager (if appointed)

  • Ensure equipment is maintained and in good repair. Determine if equipment needs repair or replacement and research replacements.
  • Manage the equipment loan process and track borrowed items.
  • Advise APL Recreation Office and the Club Officers regarding equipment replacement
  • The equipment manager duties may instead be delegated to one of the club officers
  • ·

Librarian (if appointed)

  • Manage the library loan process and track borrowed items.
  • The librarian duties may instead be delegated to one of the club officers
  • ·

Section 7

The AAC shall abide by all requirements in the most current version of APL Policy Library document 026-0001, “Recreational Club, Establishment of an APL”.  In the event of a conflict between this Constitution and By-Laws, the APL Practices and Procedures shall be the ruling document.






Section 1

The President will host at least two regular meetings each year. All Officers shall attend if available.


Section 2

Special meetings may be called if deemed by a majority of the officers to be required.





Section 1

Operating funds for the AAC are obtained primarily from the APL Recreation Office.  These funds are supplemented with membership fees. The Club Treasurer will maintain a full accounting of all financial transactions and provide reports as requested by the Club officers.


Section 2

All expenses over $100 shall be approved by majority of the voting members.  Expenses of $100 and under must be approved by majority of the voting officers or voting members.






Section 1

These Articles may be· amended by vote of two-thirds of the active membership present at any general meeting or by email, provided that the proposed amendment has been presented in writing to the AAC members at least one week prior to the vote.






Approved on _________  5 August ________, 2011




Helen Hart




David Larson

Vice President



Steve Conard




Tim Miller




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