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Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) active-reloading simulcast of the Venus Transit: APOD Venus Transit Live

NASA simulcast page for the transit: NASA Edge Venus Transit Live Coverage from Mauna Kea, Hawaii, starting at 5:45 pm EDT.

The SLOOH space camera will be doing real-time imagery of the transit, and will be displaying it here: SLOOH Venus Transit Simulcasts, starting at 5:30 pm EDT. Many other observatories will be doing live webcasts, too. Expect the load to be heavy.

Get a pair of eclipse shades and support the Westminster Astronomical Society’s observatory project: WASI Eclipse Shades.

Overview, general information, transit maps, eye protection, etc:
Transit of

A page to calculate the local times to you of when the transit will be visible, how much you’ll expect to see, and a map showing the path of Venus across the Sun. Plug in a location and see what they will expect to witness: Local Transit Visibility Calculator.

Article, history, time tables for selected cities world-wide, and some maps (one US-centric) for the transit: Sky and Telescope Venus Transit 2012.

Research-level NASA page for the transit: Venus Transit details, by Fred Espinak (aka

Other Resources

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